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Professional dynamic microphone,vocal microphone,karaoke microphone , wire microphone

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  • Professional dynamic microphone,vocal microphone,karaoke microphone , wire microphone
  • Sales at Enping Lesing Audio Co....
  • Enping Lesing Audio is an leading manufacturers and wholesaler , developing
    high-performance mixing consoles , wired microphone , wireless systems , microphone accessories etc .

 FOB Price: 4.0 - 8.0  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 300  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: T/T , L/C , Paypal Capacity: 10000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: within 10 business days
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: CE , RoHs
Moving-coil: sensitivity
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Due to low MOQ , unbeatable prices and fast delivery , which make it super easy to work with us ! Please contact us for any inquiries , you're welcomed anytime !
Enping lesing audio is an reliable microphone and sound mixer supplier , with professional experience and unbeatable prices . The products shown here are just  small part , for more information . please forward to our website . Thank you !
High performance on-stage dynamic vocal microphone 
•Distinct and lifelike sound reproduction 
•Cardioid directivity characteristic ensures maximum gain before feedback
•Rugged and durable metal construction
•Skid resistant spring steel mesh grille to avoid rolling when laid flat
•Effective, built-in wind and breath "pop" noise filter
•On/off magnetic switch for on-stage control



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