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PP Geogrid

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  • PP Geogrid
  • Lianyi Sunshine International Limited & Shandong Sunshine New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of geosynthetics in China. Equipments were imported from Germany, we have Three sets […]

 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: CE
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Double-direction geogrid is made of high molecular polymer through extrusion, forming and punching before longitudinal and lateral stretching. This material has considerable tensile strength in longitudinal and lateral directions. This chain structure can effectively bear and diffuse forces on soil and is applicable to large area permanent load bearing foundation as a reinforce.

Product Features
1. Increase the bearing capacity of the roadbed and foundation and prolong their service life.
2. Prevent road surface and foundation from sinking or flawing, keep clean and beautiful ground surface.
3. Convenient construction saves time and labor, reduce mounting time and decrease maintenance expense.
4. Prevent culverts from flawing.
5. Enhance earth slope and prevent water loss and soil erosion.
6. Decrease underlayer thickness and save manufacturing cost.
7. Enhance the stability of side slope turf net patch to improve greening.
8. Replace wire netting used in mine as intermediate ceiling netting.
The construction technique demands of the geo-grid

The spreading surface should be even. After it is checked and accepted, in order to avoid the vertical deflection, line out the while line or the seton in the spreading surface according to the width, spread it, and then fix the end of the geo-grid by the iron nail (8 nails per meter in width).

After fixing the end of the geo-grid, use the spreading machine drawing and spreading forward, strain and make it straight by manpower when spreading per 10m till spreading a reel of geo-grid. The following operation is the same when spreading others.

After spreading a reel, use the 6T-10T road roller grinding the total road. (If it is spread on the middle plane, it is best to use steel-roller road roller; If it is spread on the concrete road, it is best to use the glue-roller road roller).

Constant spreading: Take the length of the reel as the spreading section, after spreading, inspect the spreading quality completely, and then spread the following section. Keep 10-15cm between two grids, fix it by the iron nail or the chock, continue to spread the second section


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