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Polyester Pulp Fabric

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  • Polyester Pulp Fabric
Polyester Pulp Fabric Polyester Pulp Fabric
  • Boegger, a professional manufacturer and seller, supplies high quality polyester filter belts with a variety of air/water permeability, thread diameter, mesh count, density and sizes to suit your machine, […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Polyester pulp fabric refers generally to a pulp washing fabric used for several paper pulp washing machines such as horizontal belt pulp washer, vacuum pulp washer, drum pulp washer. Made of high quality polyester, our range of pulp washing fabric is available in two styles: woven style and spiral style as shown in the following pictures:

Woven polyester pulp washing fabric

A green three-shed woven polyester pulp washing fabric
Three-shed woven pattern-1
A white four-shed woven polyester pulp washing fabric in pattern-1
Four-shed woven pattern-1
A white four-shed woven polyester pulp washing fabric in pattern-2
Four-shed woven pattern-2

Spiral polyester pulp washing fabric

A white spiral polyester pulp washing fabric in common style without any inserting heddle.
Common spiral style
A white spiral polyester pulp washing fabric with inserting heddles
Heddle inserting style


  • High quality polyester material.
  • Uniform mesh apertures.
  • Great dimensional stability.
  • Excellent anti-wear property.
  • Superb heat and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent air and water permeability.
  • Efficient blocking prevention.
  • Easy to peel off filtered cakes.
  • Can be used time after time.


  • Making paper, corrugated paper and train fare.
  • Filtration and separation belt for environmental protection, such as sewage treatment andsludge dewatering.
  • Chemical industry such as pharmaceutical, catalyst, additives, glycerol, pesticides, etc.
  • Mining industry such as clay, gold and potash fertilizer.
  • Food industry such as manufacturing of fruit juice and beer.
  • Metallurgy for gold, nickle, zinc, copper, etc.


Spiral polyester pulping fabric
Type Code Thread Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m2) Air Permeability 
Warp Weft
Large loop SPDF-1 0.9 1.1 3 1.7 20500 ± 1500
SPDF-2 0.9 1.1 3 1.9 5250 ± 500
Medium loop SPDF-3 0.7 0.9 2.5 1.4 18500 ± 1500
SPDF-4 0.7 0.9 2.5 1.7 4750 ± 500
Small loop SPDF-5 0.5 0.7 1.9 1.1 15000 ± 1500
SPDF-6 0.5 0.7 1.9 1.4 4000 ± 500
Woven polyester pulping fabric
Model Filament diameter (mm) Density threads/cm Tensile strength Air permeability
Warp weft Warp weft (N/cm) (m3/m2h)
WPPF-1 0.25 0.3 19 15.5 1200 15000
WPPF-2 0.25 0.3 21 17 1300 13900
WPPF-3 0.25 0.35 21 19 1300 12000
WPPF-4 0.25 0.38 21 14.5 1300 9500

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