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  • Polo Shirts
Polo Shirts Polo Shirts Polo Shirts Polo Shirts
  • We are Bangladesh Government listed Company and pleased to introduce ourselves as a modern garments buying house and exporters name Nousin Sourcing & our factories name is Nousan Jeans manufacturer & Nousan Knit […]

 FOB Price: 2.85 - 3.20  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 3500  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: TT Capacity: 120000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 21
 Country Of Origin: Bangladesh
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We manufacture below items:
Items name : Man's Collar t-shirts
MOQ: 5000 Pcs
Fabric: 100% cotton S/J, CVC, CVC/TC
GSM: 200 to 240
Size: S to XXL
Colo: Various
Price: USD 2.85 per piece ( FOB )
Thanks Regard
Managing Director
Nousin Sourcing
Nousan Jeans Manufacturer
Nousan Knit Garments Industry 


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