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Plastic window screen is a product made of polyethylene, PVC, nylon, and other materials belong to plastic, so it is also called polyethylene insect screen or nylon insect screen. There are two weaving methods of plastic window screen - plain weave and twisted weave. Having the merits of good flexibility, light weight and lower price, the plastic window screen appeals to many customers. It also can resist UV rays and insects, so it is widely used in the windows and doors of housing, buildings.
Material: polyethylene wire, PVC wire, nylon wire.
Weaving: plain weave, twisted weave.
Wire diameter: BWG 31, BWG 32, BWG 33, BWG 34.
Mesh size: 12 × 12, 14 × 14, 16 × 16 (twisted weaving); 18 × 14, 18 × 18, 22 × 22, 24 × 24 (plain weaving).
Width: 0.6 m - 2.5 m.
Length: 25 m - 80 m.
Color: blue, green, white and various colors available.
Light weight and beautiful appearance.
High tensile strength & flexibility.
Keep insects out.
Durable UV resistance, rain resistance & wind resistance.
Light & air permeable.
Easy to install and clean.
Environmental friendly.
Long service life.
Plastic window screen can resist the insects, so it is often used on the window and doors in the residences, hotels, and other places against insects. Plastic wire has the function of heat-proof, rain-resistant, wind resistant, alkali and acid-proof, so it commonly used on the places close to the outdoor space.
Covered with plastic paper bags, then wrapped with carton boxes.
As your requirements.


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