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plastic injection mold

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  • plastic injection mold
plastic injection mold plastic injection mold plastic injection mold
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 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: 1.This product is a cable tie made for Phillips by PA 66. 2.Cavity: 1×2 3.The result shows well in the filling balance test. 4.This product is characteristic of good water resistance, flexibility ,electrical insulation and anti - fatigue behavior. 5.1.2344 steel application for this mold. 6.The fixed half of the mold has an ejector unit to avoid products’ sticky.
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The product above is black and made for Phillips by PA66,which has a good property of water resistance, flexibility ,electrical insulation and anti - fatigue.The result shows well in the filling balance test.The fixed half of the mold has an ejector unit to avoid products’ sticky.The core steel and cavity steel of the mold are 1.2344,while the shot life is 500K circles.The shot weight is 5.19 g and the circle time is 20 s.If you are interested,please contact us.


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