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pepper oil

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  • pepper oil
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 Country Of Origin: China
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pepper oil
refractive index (20 C): 1.4710 ~ 1.4890
Relative density (20C) :0.9200 ~ 0.9400
Tacid value:<=4 KOH/g
Arsenic (As):<=2ppm
Heavy metal (Pb):<=1ppm
Use instructions:direct consumption, according to the flavor of the product requirements to add.
Packaging storage:room temperature to avoid light preservation, shelf life is generally 12 months, refrigeration preservation better.
characteristics:heavierflavor,rich pepper, and the degree of Ma is qualitative.
Use:Seasoning oil, used in the need to highlight the flavor and flavor of the food. Can enhance the flavor of food. Mainly used for: Sichuan, salad, pasta, rice, Hot pot.

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