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PCB Router Bits

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  • PCB Router Bits
PCB Router Bits PCB Router Bits PCB Router Bits PCB Router Bits
  • To provide the most competitive hard alloy tool for the global green electronic science and technology career,Yichang Josn Seiko Technology Co., LT devotes to advocating the recycling of the rare metal […]

 FOB Price: 0.56 - 0.6  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 1000  Sets
 Terms Of Payment: T/T Capacity: 1000000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 7-10 working days
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: ISO,SGS
PCB Router Bit: 2.0*10.0mm
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We've specialized in manufacturing PCB router bits,PCB drill bits and PCB slot bits for several years and developed different kinds of PCB drill bits,router bits and slot bits which suit different kinds of board's processing,including high TG board,hard board,FPC,PTFE and metal-base boards.Not only do they have good row cut performance,high precision,long life for service,but they're also the clear winners on the price.

Diamond cutter,the knife is sharp,with perfect row cut performance,high precision size,long service life,suitable for hypertension board,general board nust milling,diameter range is 0.8-3.175mm.


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