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Nutriplant AG- 30 Gallon

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  • Nutriplant AG- 30 Gallon
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NUTRIPLANT AG is a liquid foliar nutritional supplement designed to be applied at critical times during the development cycle of crops. Most crops never reach full genetic yield potential, so Nutriplant AG is designed to be applied at critical stages of fruit set and crop growth.

Tests have often shown crop yield increases of up to 15%, although results will vary.

Designed for use at critical growth stages

For use in conjunction with a normal NPK fertilizer program
Designed for foliar application, this liquid micronutrient supplement fertilizer should be applied at specific growth stages in crop development. At these stages, the demand for nutrients - and the chemicals plants develop to process them - are often deficient. NUTRIPLANT AG is designed to give the plant what it needs at these critical growth stages so it can take up and utilize the nutrients it needs. Also available in 2 1/2-gallon container SKU: 603480.


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