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NON GMO Soy Lecithin

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  • NON GMO Soy Lecithin
  • We are Central India’s trusted Soybean processing Industry engaged in processing Soybean to extract valuable Soy Oil and Soymeal along with other valuable by-products like Lecithin, Acid Oil and Soy Deo […]

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: Halal, OK Kosher
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 It is a vital multifunctional active substance used in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other range of industries. Lecithin is an emulsifier, which means it keeps ingredients evenly mixed that don’t usually mix well together, like oil and water.

Nutrient value of our lecithin is as under:

AI            Acetone Insoluble 63.5 – 65 % AOCS
HI            Hexane Insoluble < 0.10 AOCS
AV          Acid Value 18-24 AOCS
POV       Peroxide value 0.20 milliequivalent/kg
H20        Moisture ~0.10 By airoven method
GCV       Gardner color value (10% toluene) 10 ~11 AOCS
Viscosity 25 deg. C 120 cps max. AOCS

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