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Nickel wire (NI) 0,025

in Nickel, Type: sell

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  • Nickel wire (NI) 0,025
  • Consulting services in business development, capital raising, negotiations, affiliate marketing, PR- Communication.
    Import/exports of bioremediation cleaning products for the sectors : Maritime-Oil&Gas, Industry, […]

 Country Of Origin: Russia
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The Nickel Wire is used in 

  • Microelectronics 
  • electronics  micro welding
  • high technology systems as satellites rockets airplanes etc.,

it can be also used as a bank instrument.

for the product exist all necessary documents

  • origin certificate
  • ownership certificate
  • quality certificate
  • SKR from the deposit of the nickel wire in safe store in Germany
  • evaluation by IGAS Germany
  • etc.

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