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New Surplus 6 of Wartsila 8L32 HFO Gensets 3.8MW each 6600 volt 60HZ

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  • New Surplus 6 of Wartsila 8L32 HFO Gensets  3.8MW each 6600 volt  60HZ
 Country Of Origin: Finland Certifications and Awards: Lloyds
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Manufacturer:            Wärtsilä

Model:                        8L32

Output:                       3840 kW Speed:        720 rpm Fuel: HFO/Diesel


Manufacturer:             Siemens

Capacity:                    4,600 kVA PowerFactor:       0.8

Voltage:                      6600 V Frequency:     60 Hz Speed:    720 rpm

   Scope of Supply

 6 Wärtsilä8L32 Engines(3840 kWm, 720 rpm, HFO)

  • 2 Fuel Oil Systems for3x Wartsila8L32

o2 Feeder/Booster Units

o2 Overflow Valve (HFO/MDF)

o2 Suction Strainers (MDF)

o2 Separator Units (HFO)common

o6 Circulation Pump

o6 Safety Filter(HFO)

  • 1LubricatingOil System

o5 SeparatorUnits

  • 2 Compressed AirSystems for3 xWartsila8L32

o4 StartingAirVessels

o2 StartingAirCompressorUnits (watercooled)

  • 2 CoolingWaterSystems for3 xWartsila8L32

o2 TemperatureControl Valve (heat recovery)

o2 PreheatingUnit

o4 Central Cooler

  • 1 Combustion air and exhaust gas systems

o2 TurbochargerCleaning Device

o6 Exhaust Gas Bellows


o6 Connection Piece

  • 1 Control and MonitoringSystems

o6 PowerUnits

  • 1 ElectricMotorStarters

o12 Starters forelectricmotordriven pumps

o6 Starters forengineturning gear

  • 1 Foundation

o1 FlexiblePipe Connections, spareset

o6 FlexiblePipe Connections

o6 Common Base Frames

  • 1 PowerTransmission

o6 Flexible Coupling(flywheel)

  • 1 Tool and SpareParts

o1 Tools for engineaccordingto enclosed tools list

o1 SpareParts accordingto recommendations oftheIACSforunrestricted service

  • 1 Packing and transportation

o6 VCI-coating

o6 Tarpaulins

  • 3 Technical Documentation Packages
  • 6 EngineManuals
  • 1 Commissioning Support


  • 6 Main Generators (3AC6600V, 60Hz, 4600kVA, cos =0.8, 720 rpm,B3,IP44, water cooled)
  • 1 Documentation Set in English


  • 1 6600V Main Switchboard includingneutral earthlingtransformers
  • 1 PowerManagement System PMA 300
  • 1 Siemens GPA System
  • 1 PowerPlant Protection System


  • 4 ConverterTransformer,5200kVA, threewinding type, 12/Q24-pulse, freshwater cooled
  • 8InverterModule1200kW
  • 5InverterModule800kW
  • 6InverterModule560kW
  • 5InverterModule315kW
  • 1InverterModule200kW
  • 11InverterModule90kW


  • 2 Distribution Transformers, 6600/450V, 3000kVA
  • 2 Distribution Transformers, 6600/450V, 3500kVA
  • 2 Distribution Transformers, 220kVA, 450/230V,GSto DBSwitchboards
  • 4 Documentation Sets in English




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