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Muscle Building Raw Steroids Organic Solvents Ethyl Oleate

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  • Muscle Building Raw Steroids Organic Solvents Ethyl Oleate
  • Saler at Wuhan Hezhong Biochemic...
  • Our main products include steroid powder ,pharmaceutical raw materialand and peptides , which are widely used in health products for bodybuliding,muscle,weight loss and so forth.The Testosterone series,Tren A,Tren […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Muscle Building Raw Steroids Organic Solvents Ethyl Oleate
Product Name: Ethyl Oleate
Synonyms: oleic;(9Z)-;FEMA 2450;Ethyloleat;ETHYL OLEATE;ethylis oleas;ETHYLOLEATE,NF;ETHYL OLEATE, BP;Oleic acid ethyl;OLEIC ACID ETHYL ESTER;;9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, ethyl ester; Ethyl oleate, mixture of isomers; ; ethyl octadec-9-enoate; ethyl (9Z)-octadec-9-enoate; ethyl (9E)-octadec-9-enoate;;
CAS No.: 111-62-6
EINECS No.: 203-889-5
Molecular Formula: C20H38O2
Molecular Weight: 310.51
Melting point:
Appearance: light yellow liquid
Standard: Enterprise Standard
Packing: 25KG/Drum or as per your requirements
Application: applied to the preparation of surface active agent and Organic chemicals and also used as essence
Our advantage:
1,we specialize in cinnamic series and other chemical powders for more than 10 years,have rich experience inthis field.
2,over 90% of powders are exported to north america , european, southeast asia ,africa and south america , and are welcomed and trusted by the customer with ourexcellent product and competitive price.
3,package:We have professional team to pack your items with professional materials,itis 100% safe.
4,delivery:Most powders we have mass stock,package can be send within 24hours afteryour order,of course,will tell you the packing details and tracking detailsasap.Usually it takes about 3-6 business days from china to your doorstep.
5,service:We will always send you top quality products with very competitive price.
I wish you can email me and let me introduce my products for you.


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