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Motives® Kabuki Brush

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  • Motives® Kabuki Brush
Motives® Kabuki Brush
  • Currently, the company’s exclusive lines cover everything from health and nutrition, to skin care and anti-aging, to cosmetics, to pet care.
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 FOB Price: 10.00 - 13.95  USD per Case
 Minimum Order: 1000  Centimeter/Centimeters
 Terms Of Payment: Electronic Capacity: 1000  Case/Cases per Month
 Delivery Time: 6-14 business days. Six International delivery location
 Country Of Origin: United States Certifications and Awards: Cosmetics Certification
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Cosmetics Cerification

A brush with a short, large handle that allows for controlled application and a dense head that creates a lightweight, flawless result. A makeup kit staple, this brush is the ideal tool for applying powder.


  • Contains luxuriously soft, nylon bristles for a smooth, full coverage application
  • Easily sweeps powder, blush and bronzer onto the face and body
  • Large handle to allow for firm grip and more control over application


What is the best way to use my Motives Kabuki Brush?
Swirl your Kabuki brush through your powder. Gently tap off excess and apply to the face with circular motions, starting in the middle and working outwards.

How do I clean the Motives Kabuki Brush?
For brushes made with natural hair, spray brush cleaner on a hand towel or paper towel, and swirl brushes until clean. For synthetic brushes, swirl brush in plain bar soap and rinse with water. Lay brushes flat to dry to protect the bristles from shedding and prevent water draining into the handle.

What products does Motives Kabuki Brush work best with?
The Motives Kabuki Brush is excellent for all Motives by Loren Ridinger powders, as well as blushes and bronzers, and this brush easily applies these products on the face and body.

Is this brush convenient for travel?
Yes, the more compact size makes it great for travel.

Is this product made from cruelty-free practices?


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