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Modular clean room

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  • Modular clean room
Modular clean room
  • Whitenair Technologies offers impeccable array of Clean Air/Controlled Environment Solutions to a diverse range of industries that help keep product, people and process free from contamination. Our offered […]

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: ISO 14644
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Modular Clean Rooms


We are reckoned as one of the foremost Modular Clean Rooms Manufacturers and Suppliers from India. Whitenair  Modular Clean Rooms  guarantees high performance and complies with the International quality standards. Whitenair Modular Clean Rooms are widely appreciated for being economical and offering versatile solution to clean manufacturing requirements in medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and many other industries. The Modular Clean Rooms offered by us are expandable, easy to assemble & dismantle and are portable



Ø  Facility Optimization

Ø  Delivered to your production schedule

Ø  Hard wall and Soft wall clean rooms 

Ø  Storage solutions

Ø  All steel Clean rooms

Ø  Bio-safe Clean rooms

Ø  Modular Operation Rooms

Ø  Patient Isolation Ward

Ø  Comprehensive environment control

Ø  Clean room doors

Ø    Industry leading quality

Ø  Work stations

Ø  HVAC Systems

Ø  Gowning area furnishing

Ø  Soft wall curtains and strip shields

Ø  Fan filter units

Ø  Pharmaceutical clean rooms

Ø  Fluorescent/CFL lightings

Ø  Wall mounted clean room benches and shelves

Ø  Unsurpassed cleanliness

Ø  Clean room pass boxes

Ø   Clean room air showers


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