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METAL STUD (Holder 50×50, 75 & 100)

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  • METAL STUD (Holder 50×50, 75 & 100)
  • Almatec Company is a manufacture of metallic profiles for drywall support.
    We are a factory establish in North Greece and we have earn a very big share of the European market with producing only excellent quality […]

 Country Of Origin: Greece (Hellas) Certifications and Awards: EN 14195:2005+ΑC: 2006 ISO CE
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Specially constructed with foldaway edges, which amplify rigidity and prevent injuries, and round holes for easier wire and line crossing.

Palette: 1, Package 50x50 & 50x75: 20, 50x100: 15, Items/package: 8, Palette size: 64x57cm



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