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Mesterolone Proviron Powder

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  • Mesterolone Proviron Powder
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Mesterolone Proviron Powder quick details:
Price with shipping: $160/10g $270/50g $480/100g $1800/500g $3100/1kg
CAS No:1424-00-6
Molecular formula:C20H32O2
Molecular weight:304.47
Appearance:White powder,soluble in acetone, ethanol, ethyl ether, ethyl acetate, insoluble in water.
Delivery time:5-7working days door to door
Minimum order:10 g
Supply ability:100kg/month
Quality standard:Enterprise standard
Usage:Mesterolone is often used as an antiestrogenic treatment and may be used by those who have had a poor reaction to testosterone treatments.
Mesterolone is an oral anabolic steroid, a synthetic product of the male hormone testosterone. The drug has shown value in treating men with mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders.
Proviron is an oral DHT steroid compound similar to Masteron. Although it is not an ideal compound for building muscle (actually it is not good at all for this purpose), Proviron is helpful in stacks because of its unique ability to keep the body from turning testosterone into estrogen, thus giving the testosterone a better anabolic effect.

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