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Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

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  • Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt
Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt
  • “TMS Fashions Ltd” a Garment Manufacturer in Bangladesh. Basically we provide all kinds of Men’s Dress & Casuals Shirts , Ladies Blouse, Boys, Girls & Kids shirts and offer the buyer, buy the competitive price, […]

 FOB Price: 5.95 - 6.10  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 5000  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: LC & TT Capacity: 1,20,000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 70 Days
 Country Of Origin: Bangladesh
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Product Item : Men's Long Sleeve Shirt 
Fabrication:100% Cotton, 144 X 76 / 45 X 45 

Basically we provide all kinds of Men’s Dress & Casual Shirts , Ladies Blouse, Night Wear & Boxer   in a  competitive price, good quality with G.S.P. facility and short lead-time by the using of excellent qualities raw material and accessories.


We provide the following services

  • R&D / Sampling
  • Merchandising
  • Quality Control / Inspection
  • Style & Fit approval
  •  Logistics & follow ups 

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