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Medroxyprogesterone Tablets & Injection

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  • Medroxyprogesterone Tablets & Injection
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 FOB Price: Mumbai  USD per Box
 Minimum Order: 100000  Pieces
 Country Of Origin: India
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Medroxyprogesterone is a progestin hormone. It works by altering the lining of the uterus
Medroxyprogesterone Acetate tablets 10 mg is used for treating certain menstrual problems or uterine problems (e.g., abnormal bleeding, endometrial hyperplasia).
MedroxyprogesteroneAceate Injection 150 mg/ml is used to prevent pregnancy. Medroxyprogesterone is like a natural hormone made by the body called progesterone. It works by preventing the growth and release of a mature egg (ovulation), and changing the womb to make it more difficult for an egg to meet sperm (fertilization) or for the fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the womb (implantation).


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