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Magnesium sulphate ( Hepta hydrate )

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  • Magnesium sulphate ( Hepta hydrate )
  • We the VAIKASH EXIMS introduce ourselves as the exporter of chemical & mineral products from India.

    We are the Indian Government’s authorized exporter and we are the CHEMEXCIL member ( Chemical Export Promotion […]

 FOB Price: U.S.$: 130.00 - U.S.$: 170.00  USD per Metric Ton
 Minimum Order: 25   Metric Ton/Metric Tons
 Terms Of Payment: 100% Irrevocable LC at sight by the prime bank Capacity: 1000   Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
 Delivery Time: Within 5 days
 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: ISO STANDARD PRODUCT
Magnesium sulphate: 99% - 99.5%
We are the specialist in Magnesium sulphate, sulphuric acid, HCL, Aluminum sulphate, Ferrous sulphate heptha hydrate, Kaolin, Salt, Phospo gypsum, Granulated copper slag, Calcium hypo chlorite, Sodium bi carbonate, Natural and precipitated calcium carbonate, Plaster of paris, Sodium silicate etc. We are exporting our products to various destinations of the world. If you are interested on our product, We request you to taste us in your business career. For further more, Please contact us in eximsvaikash at gmail dot com or vaikashexims at yahoo dot com Skype: vaikashexims

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Specification for Magnesium sulphate ( Heptahydrate )

General Specifications:

Appearance                                  White small granular

Size                                              0.1 – 3 mm


Purity as MgSo4 7H2O

> 99% to                         99.5%


Magnesium Sulphate as MgSo4

> 48.5%

Magnesium Oxide as  MgO

> 16% - 17%


Magnesium as Mg

> 9.6%

PH of 5% aqueous solution

7 + 0.5

Sulphates of K and Ca

< 0.1% each


Chlorides of K and Ca

< 0.1% each


Chlorides of Cl

< 300 ppm

Heavy metals as Pb

< 2 ppm

Arsenic as As2 O3

< 2 ppm

Iron as Fe

< 20 ppm





Calcium as Ca           < 300 ppm           





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