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 FOB Price: 25000 - 30000  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: Advance TT or LC Capacity: 100  Unit/Units per Month
 Delivery Time: 3week
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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The non-surgical alternative

Technology of Lipo-EX
The Lipo-Ex is a Radio Frequency(RF) aesthetic device for skin tightening, body contouring and innovative treatment of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.
This safe and cost effective treatment enables you to offer a range of advanced anti-aging solutions without any discomfort to your clients.
The synergy of two outstanding functions, Melting Subcutaneous Fat(MSF) and Melting Visceral Fat(MVF) delivers heat to deep dermal tissue without damaging the epidermis.
This deep heat will melt fat, tighten tissue and stimulate collagen production.


MSF(Melting Subcutaneous Fat)
* RF activity causes internal body temperature to assist with the melting of subcutaneous fat.

* An increase in blood circulation assist in the regeneration of all epidermal and dermis layers.

MVF(Melting Visceral Fat)
* Visceral fat reduction effectiveness
* Bio-energy created
* Clumped fat dissolved
* Elastin collagen fiber is regenerated
* Increase cellulite tightening




Advantages of Lipo-EX
Proven Technology
- Competitive edges: Non-invasive technology, safer and produces excellent results compared to Liposuction

Comparative Analysis
- Safe techniques of using High Voltage Output (500W)
- Subcutaneous and visceral fat cell - dissolved by burning fat cell or exiting through the bodies' lymph nodes (eg, sweating and urine)
- Ease of use without repercussion to the nervous system, bone structure, muscle, and the epidermal layer
- Can target specific trouble areas (eg, things, upper arm, or stomach)
- Clinical trial shows that three sessions of Lipo-Ex system resulted in 3 to 8 cm loss in waist size and 2 to 5Kg loss of fat. Long lasting results and maintained.
Other non-invasive technology or diet pills have a temporary effect of weight loss and does not show the amazing results compared to the Lipo-Ex system

Treatment Schedule
- Number of Treatments: 3-5 sessions
- Treatment term: Once in every 5 days
- Treatment time: 30 - 50 min

1. Applied Energy - RF(Radio Frequency)
2. Frequency Band - 0.5 MHz(10%)
3. Electrical Power - 400W
4. Rated Voltage - AC220V/60Hz
5. RF Methods - Hot and Cold RF (MSF/MVF)
6. Heat Protection - Automatic protection system from overheat
7. Accessories & Disposable - Electrodes, plate, patch, cream
8. Dimensions - 240H X 490L X 500W
9. Platform Weight - 16.3Kg


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