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Ladder Conveyor Belting

in Steel Wire Mesh, Type: sell

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  • Ladder Conveyor Belting
Ladder Conveyor Belting Ladder Conveyor Belting
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Ladder conveyor belt, also called as rod conveyor belt, is popularly used in baking industry for its flat surface, easy assemble, minimum maintenance and thorough cleaning. Light weight ladder belting is an economical and cost-effective option for many different conveyors used in different industries. Positively driven by sprocket, ladder belting will be used in straight-running or radial applications ( 90 and 180 degrees).

Straight and radial ladder belt is stainless steel T-304 and mild strength carbon steel. T-304 is strongly recommended for all applications especially in food industries.

Straight running ladder conveyor belting.
LCB-01: Ladder conveyor belting.Ladder conveyor belting transferring eggs safely.
LCB-02: Egg ladder conveyor belt.
Product description:

Item: Ladder conveyor belt.
Style: straight-running and radial.
Material availability:
Stainless steel T-304.
Mild-tensile carbon steel.
Specification: see the table below.
Features & benefits:

Positively sprocket driven belt.
Straight-running or radial applications.
Flat carrying surface.
High tensile strength rods.
Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Popularly used in baking industry.
Thorough cleaning.
Minimum maintenance.
Typical applications:

Straight running ladder belt diagram.
LCB-03: Straight running ladder belt diagram.
Radial ladder belting diagram.
LCB-04: Radial ladder belting diagram.
Specifications for straight-running ladder belt
Item No. Pitch Rod diameter Maximum width
mm mm mm
LBS01 12.7 3.66 762
LBS02 15.87 4.47 914
LBS03 19.05 4.88 914
LBS04 25.4 4.88 914
Specifications for radial ladder belt
Item No. Pitch Rod diameter Inside Radius Available width
mm mm mm mm
LBR01 12.7 3.66 598.5 229/305/381/457/762
LBR02 15.87 4.47 762 305/381/457/610/762


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