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Laboratory Furniture

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  • Laboratory Furniture
Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Furniture
  • Basileiou SA operates in the industry of laboratory furniture for more than 30 years in Greece with presence also in foreign markets over the past 6 years. The company’s dedication towards innovation has […]

 Country Of Origin: Greece (Hellas) Certifications and Awards: EΝ ISO:9001/2008 Business Management System. IQ NET Certification Network Dupont™ Corian® Quality Network Industrial Partner Registration No #0271 EN 61010-1/1993 EN 55022/1994 EN 61000-3-2/1995 EN 50085-1/1/1997 EN 60068-2-6/1996 – Bench weight capacity certification EN 13150/2001 for Laboratory Benches. EN 14727/2006 for Laboratory Storage Cabinets. EN 14175/2006 for Fume Hoods. EN ISO 15614-1/2004 EN ISO 15614-1/2004 – Argon Welding Certifications EN 50085-1/1997 & A1/1998 – Level Compensation Certification CE for aluminum electric trunking CE Certification for benches CE Certification for fume hoods Tensile test of joints of frame-pillar of a laboratory bench Desks EN 527-1/2000 EN 527-2/2004 EN 527-2/2003 Storage Units EN 14073-2/2004 EN 14073-3/2004 EN 14074/2004 Drawers Units EN 14073-2/2004 EN 14073-3/2004 EN 14074/2004 TIBI-1© Patented Aluminum Column. TIBI-2© Patented Aluminum Electric Conduct.
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We study, design, manufacture and assemble laboratory furniture of very high quality, according to international standards and certifications, for all types of laboratories (research, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, F&B, cosmetics, medical, bioinformatics etc. )

Applying the FEMO© laboratory furniture system on our products, we have successfully blended innovative design, functional technology, and highly durable materials to a result that defines the laboratory of the future. All products bearing our signature ensure that your investment will provide you with long term usability and satisfaction.

Assimilating our clients’ specifications as well as the complexities of each laboratory space, G. Basileiou S.A. provides innovative individualized solutions in terms of design, diversity, usage, and functionality. The product development follows the latest technical and technological advances, respecting all relevant certifications and standardization, to ensure our clients’ safety and to provide modern solutions to them.


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