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L-leucine 61-90-5

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  • L-leucine 61-90-5
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 Country Of Origin: China
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L-leucine 61-90-5

Alias: (S)-2-Amino-4-methylpentanoic acid; L-Leucine 99+ %; H-Leu-OH; L-Leu; L(+)LEUCINE
Content: 98%
Character: white powder
Molecular formula: C6H13NO2
Molecular weight: 131.17
Uses:1. is essential amino acids, adult men need to amount 2.2g/d, for normal growth and maintenance of normal adult normal nitrogen balance. The product is used as a nutritional supplement to prepare amino acid infusion and synthetic amino acid preparation, lowering blood sugar, plant growth promoter. According to the provisions of 2760-86 GB, the product can be used as a spice.
2 as an amino acid infusion and synthetic amino acid preparation. Diagnosis and treatment of high blood glucose in infants. And Application on glucose metabolism disorders, accompanied by bile secretion decreased liver disease, anemia, poisoning, muscle atrophy, poliomyelitis, neuritis and psychiatric.
Packing: 25kg/ cardboard drum
Standard: National Standards

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