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Konica KM512 LN

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  • Konica KM512 LN
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 FOB Price: 400 - 420  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: Paypal Delivery Time: 25 days
 Country Of Origin: Indonesia
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Price: US $420
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The Konica Minolta KM512 L-series uses high resolution, with a spacing of 360 nozzles per inch, enabling 512 nozzles on a compact designed Piezo drop-on-demand print head. The drop volume is 42pl, the firing frequency used is 7.6kHz, the nozzle spacing is 70.5 µm. The KM512 print head is suitbale for solvent, UV or Oil-based inks. It is suitable for both wide format and industrial applications.

 Manufacturer: Konica Minolta
Printer compatibility: Aestrik InWear S3304K5 / InWear S3308K5, Allwin C8 / C12 / H8, ANHUI LIYU Apollo PT-KL, JHF VISTA Vista2506 / Vista3306 / S5004F / S5006FS,Myjet WB320 / LB320 / LE320, Rodin K4320-A / K4320-B, SKYNET PC-series / HS-series
DP part number : PPHKM512LN


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