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ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump

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  • ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump
ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump ISW Series horizontal centrifugal water pump
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 FOB Price: 650 - 6000  USD per Unit
 Minimum Order: Unit/Units
 Terms Of Payment: T/T in advance Capacity: 600  Unit/Units per Month
 Delivery Time: 7 days
 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: ISO,GB,GS
ISW150-160A: monoblock pump
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ISW Series horizontal centrifugal pump
Steady operation:
Shaft and impeller is homocentric so that pump can operate steadily and without vibration.
No leak:
Hard alloy mechanical seal of different material for different liquids
Small noise:
Two bearings with little noise support the pump.
Little troubles
Single structure and fluid parts with high quality prolong the life of pump.
Convenient maintenance
It is easy to replace the seal and bearing etc.
Smaller occupancy of location
Outlet can be toward left and right and upon direction to plan pipeline.

1、ISW  horizontal pipeline pump is used to transport the clear water and other liquids as same as clear water in physical and chemical characteristic and liquids temperature is no more than 80℃. Such as industry and city water, boost and supply water for high-building, gardening, fire fighting and warm and cooling circulation etc.
2、ISWR horizontal hot water pump is used for hot water boost and circulation in power resource and metallurgy and wood process and chemical industry and weave and making –paper and restaurant and city heat circulation. Liquid temperature is not more than 120℃。
3、ISWH horizontal chemical industry pump is suitable to transport the corrosive liquids which is similar water in weave and petroleum and chemical industry and pharmacy and food etc. Liquid temperature is -20℃~+120℃。
4、ISWB vertical pipeline oil pump is to transport the gasoline and kerosene and diesel oil etc petroleum product. Liquids temperature is -20℃~+120℃。


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