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Iron 3-way Alcove wall T-light Holder

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  • Iron 3-way Alcove wall T-light Holder
  • Millenium Handicrafts is engaged in supplying metal handicrafts specialized in home decor, tabletop, wall decor & gift items etc. Contact us for business inquiries.

 FOB Price: 4.50 - 5.00  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 200  Pieces
 Terms Of Payment: T/T (30% Advance & 70% on sending Scanned copy of B/L by email) Capacity: 3000  Pieces per Month
 Delivery Time: 30 days
 Country Of Origin: India
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This is a beautiful alcove shaped wall t-light holders fully made by hands of skiled craftsmen. It is available in Tricolor, Gold, Copper, Blue and Silver.

This is an amazing wall type T-light holder suitable for your room. It will shine and spread an amazing light when used in dark room. This is a beautiful home decor item as well as gift item.

Size: 12" H x 7" W


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