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Invisible screen which is also referred to as retractable screen or roll-up insect screen, is one of the most useful protections against invasion of annoying insects into the room. Its material is PVC coated fiberglass wire and it can be installed on both windows (vertical) and doors (horizontal).

When screen is needed, just make a push-and-pull to the retractable screen to put in place; when open views are needed, the retractable screen effortlessly integrates into window jamb; when it is in the closed position, the retractable screen is invisible; when it's time for maintenance, it is easy to remove and clean.

This picture shows a vertical roll-up insect screen which is fully closed.
IWS-01: Roll-up insect screen made of PVC coated fiberglass wire is designed to keep insects out invisibly.
There is a horizontal retractable screen applied on a wood-frame window.
IWS-02: Retractable screen has two directions to move - vertical and horizontal.
There are three different conditions of the roll-up insect screen, and you can adjust it according to your needs.
IWS-03: You can adapt the height of the roll-up insect screen to your own need and preference.


  • Material: fiberglass wire with PVC coated.
  • Wire diameter: BWG 31 - BWG 34.
  • Hole size: 22 × 22, 20 × 20, 18 × 18, 16 × 16, 18 × 16, 18 × 14, 14 × 14, 10 × 10.
  • Width: 24", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 40", 42", 48", 60", 72", 84".
  • Length: 25', 50', 100'.
  • Weight: 115 g/m2, 120 g/m2, 130 g/m2, 150 g/m2.
  • Roll size: 1 m × 25 m, 1.2 m × 25 m, 1.5 m × 25 m.
  • Color: gray, black, white.
There is a roll of invisible screen mesh in black and its mesh also be displayed.
IWS-04: Black is one of the most popular colors of invisible screen, for it is least noticeable from inside the house.
This picture shows four rolls of invisible screens in different sizes and colors.
IWS-05: Invisible screen has many different dimensions, and we can offer you the one you need.


  • Privacy guarantee.
  • Save space.
  • Good sealability.
  • Effective insect barrier.
  • Non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Anti-fire and anti-static.
  • Good ventilation and excellent transmittance.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Easy to wash and clean.
  • Long lifespan and durable in nature.
  • Filter UV radiation.
  • Excellent surface finish.
It is a white-frame window model with the roll-up insect screen.
IWS-06: Roll-up insect screen used on the window can provide an effective insect barrier for users.
There is a door with invisible screen, and you can see the outside scenery clearly through it.
IWS-07: Retractable screen is practically invisible and you can enjoy the outside scenery without any hindrances.

Because of the main function of insect-resistance, invisible screen is widely used for windows and doors of buildings, residences, porches, patios, and so on.

Invisible screen can fit almost any household doorways or window openings. In-opening or out-opening single doors and windows, double French doorways, or sliding patio doorways can completely match with the invisible screen which you are sure to be satisfied.

The picture shows that the invisible screen is installed on both windows and doors.
IWS-08: Invisible screen is widely used on the different places and you can choose the suitable one for your windows or doors.
Retractable screen is applied on an out-opening door and you can see the internal decoration clearly.
IWS-09: When it is fully closed, retractable screen can keep bugs out and let fresh air in efficiently.


  • 2 rolls, 4 rolls, 6 rolls or 8 rolls in per PP bag.
  • In accordance with your requirements.

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