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Integral Inflatable Thread Protector

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  • Integral Inflatable Thread Protector
Integral Inflatable Thread Protector
 Country Of Origin: China
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Integral inflatable thread protector, also called air grip thread protector, is the upgraded product of dismountable inflatable thread protector, and it is also used to protect the outer thread of steel pipe. Its outstanding feature is that its gas nozzle is manufactured on the facade, which can protect the gas nozzle in the pipes loading, unloading and transportation process. The gas nozzle of dismountable inflatable thread protector is on the side, which may damage the gas nozzle. Integral inflatable thread protector is made from polyurethane containing a stainless steel ring in it, so integral inflatable thread protector is resistant to corrosion, abrasion and oil. It has many advantages, such as fast inflation, easy operation, good air-tightness, lowering consumption and cost. Besides, it can be repeatedly used.

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