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INOX stainless steel convoluted metal hoses

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  • INOX stainless steel convoluted metal hoses
  • Import, export, reselling, distribution of ready made rubber and plastic goods like hydraulic and industrial hose,PTFE and silicone hoses,
    ERMETO, coupling, accessories, crimping ,cuttings, skiving, testing
    and […]

 Country Of Origin: Italy
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INOX stainless steel convoluted metal hoses are the best solution to fluid flow for high and low tem-

peratures and they are also used to compensate assembly s misalignment.


Static installations pipework out of alignment connections in static positions.

Occasional flexing occasionally flexing conditions such as manual handling.

Constant flexing  continuous flexing usually on moving equipments.

Vibration high frequency, low amplitude movement, such as on a compensator or pump.


Close pitch high pressure annular hose mechanically formed for high flexing or vibration applications.

-Conveys any kind of liquid and gas

-High physical strength

-Excellent corrosion resistance

-Suitable for extremely high temperatures up to 600 degrees C, or for cryogenic applications up to -200 degree C.


AISI 316- DIN 1.4404  BS 316  S11

AISI 321-DIN 1.4541  BS 321  S31

MetalLic braid

AISI 304- DIN 1.4301  BS 304  S 15

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