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IHF Plastic lining pump

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  • IHF  Plastic lining pump
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Total head:(5~80)m 
Working temperature:(-20~150)℃
Max working pressure: 1.OMPa
Conform to ISO5199, ISO 2858, API682 standard
API610 OH1 type structure


    The IHF Plastic lining pump is designed according to international standards. The pumping housing is made of metal outing lined with fluoroplastics, and the impeller and pump cover are pressed into form with metal inserts wrapped by fluroplastic alloy, and the shaft seal is realized by mechanically sealing the advanced outer-carrying corrugated pipe. The stationary seal ring is made of 99.9% alumina ceramics, while the rotating seal ring is made of tetrafluoro filling materials ( or other materials in light of customer's special working condition). They are corrosion- and wear-resistant and airtight.



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