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Human Albumin 20% -100ml

in Blood System Agents, Type: buy

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  • Human Albumin 20% -100ml
  • The World’s 1st:

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 FOB Price: 15-20  USD per Piece
 Terms Of Payment: LOC Delivery Time: ANYTIME
There are no specifications for this product
There are no additional information for this product
2: With this product their is no CAS number.
3: It is produced from Human blood
4: No chemical formula, it is just processing the blood into serum.
5: It can be produced by anyone in the world, as long as the packaging and product leaflet the same wordings as attached is in English ONLY.
Minimum Monthly order volume of 20,000 bottles of 20% in 100ml.
And I have many other hospital purchase office buyers of the same.
Target price per bottle $15-$20 USD FOB

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