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HIMOR : Cement Mortar Admixture

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  • HIMOR : Cement Mortar Admixture
HIMOR : Cement Mortar Admixture
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 FOB Price: 1.49 - 1.69  USD per Piece
 Minimum Order: 500  Boxes
 Terms Of Payment: TT advance Capacity: 5000  Boxes per Month
 Delivery Time: 3-4weeks
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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Himor is a cement admixture which is essential for any kind of cement work. Himor has several unique strengths unlike any other product.

First, It improves the work efficiency rate by 20~30% when it's mixed with mortar.

Second, It is highly economical. It leaves no mortar residue of sediment due to its strong adhesive power.

Third, Himor increases the water holding capacity of mortar as well as adhesive strength by providing just the right degree of viscosity, thereby leaving no space between the concrete and plaster.

Fourth, It prevents the curing and shrinkage crack of the cement by preventing absorption and water evaporation on the surface.

Fifth, Himor keeps mortar from sticking on the trowel, while saving time for remixing.

And lastly, It helps the cement and sand to mix evenly in order to prevent bleeding by material division.

- Mix cement and Himor in the ratio of 1 to 2
- Add water to adjust the viscosity
- Pour the mixture in to the 3~ 5 liters of water
- Thinly spread the finishing mortar and use brush to even the surface
- During the plastering process, mix a bag of cement, a bag of Himor and water in the ratio Himor 1ea, cement 1ea and water.
- For general or masonry plaster work, and a quarter bag of Himor to the mixture of cement and sand in the ratio of 1 to 3 or 4.



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