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HermoTe Bio Patch

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  • HermoTe Bio Patch
HermoTe Bio Patch HermoTe Bio Patch HermoTe Bio Patch HermoTe Bio Patch
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 FOB Price: 65 - 75  USD per Box
 Minimum Order: 500  Boxes
 Terms Of Payment: TT or Western Union Capacity: 1000  Boxes per Month
 Delivery Time: 14 days
 Country Of Origin: South Korea
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1box(3 pouch)
HERMOTE-Pervade the beauty

What is HermoTe Bio Patch?
Bio Patch of HermoTe is dissolving micro-structures being made of a proprietary technology of the micro structure. As human skin protects body from external materials, products that apply of attach to skin have very poor transfer rate. Our HermoTe as a dissolving micro-structure is made with patented producing methods for micro-structure, it because they deliver active ingredients deep in to the skin directly, others excellent benefits.

Benefits of HermoTe Bio Patch are as follows.
1. HermoTe Bio patch is very effective because it can be penetrated into skin directly.
2. HermoTe Bio patch does not cause pain to user because it has 'dissolving micro-stuctures'
3. HermoTe Bio patch is safe free of antiseptic and chemicals
4. HermoTe Bio patch enables active ingredients to melt into skin if it is applied to skin.
5. HermoTe Bio patch is easy and convenient to use, carry and keep.

Direction for effective use of Bio patch
1. Open pouch with dried hand and take patch out of transparent container after washing your face before sleeping
2. Remove white protective film paying special attention not to touch structure.
3. Put patch at a place which you want to take care and attach it to the place.
4. Remove patch the next day and wash your face.

Please pay attention to the followings when using Bio patch.
- When attaching patch, push it vertically without scrubbing laterally
- Having a sound sleep after attaching patch helps you gain the best effect
- Once patch is attached, avoid attaching and removing it
- Substance that remains in skin after use is hyaluronic acid and remove it by washing your face or through foundation.
- Do not attach patch to face which wears make-up which cause troubles.

What are components of HermoTe Bio Patch?
Hyaluronic Acid, main component refreshes your skin day by day

Hyaluronic acid is natural moisturizing factor that our body has Hyaluronic acid, main component of bio patch moisturized skin and maximized skin elasticity.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 combines with SNARE complex protein without breaking SNAP-25 protein out of SNARE complexes in neuron and keeps acetylchotine film from opening . Argiretine is non-toxic, harmless and safe substance that can restrict reaction of muscles such as movement and contraction of muscles and can be used as for botulinum toxin. Unlike existing botulinum toxin A, argiretine does not destruct protein.

HermoTe Bio Patch is recommended for those people facing under any one of the following

* Under the eyes, the eyes Care
 - The patch, Hyaluronic acid peptide-8 + acetyl-hexane, resolves various worries about eyes dull and elasticity decreases. Let's transform into a tight little baby skin around the eyes throng the intensive eyes care.
Fill Hyaluronic acid in the resilient skin and feel the effect that  improves skin elasticity at a once by inhibiting muscle movement by acetyl hexane peptide 8.

* Face Care
- Expressing that determines not only look impression but age, this is why the skin form deep inside the area decreased elasticity. Effective ingredient penetrated deep into the skin will be made alive and beautiful face.

What it structure of Bio Patch?
It is magic structure that melts only in skin made with hyaluronic acid + Acetyl Hexapeptide-8
HermoTe Bio Patch is a crystal of active ingredients by making active ingredients of hyaluronic acid + Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 after drying it in a shape of needle. Micro structure technology that forms ultra fine structure on a patch directly has been applied to HermoTe Bio Patch. HermoTe Bio Patch is innovative product which is very effective as structure that is active ingredient contacts and melts into moisture in skin

What does micro structure look like?


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