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Helical Couplings

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  • Helical Couplings
  • CAN Automotion Private Limited is an Indian entity founded in 2009 by the same engineers who founded and have established CAN+Automotion in Australia which commenced operation in 2003. From the outset we wanted to […]

 Country Of Origin: India
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HELI-CAL Flexure, flexible couplings are machined from
single piece, homogenous high-strength materials into
helical (curved beam) configurations which eliminate
elastomeric elements like rubber bushings, spiders,
rubber discs and pads. Helical couplings compensate for
shaft misalignment and work at high speed, transmitting
high torque at a constant velocity. There is zero backlash.
No maintenance is needed.
Helical couplings provide dynamic stability and vibrationfree,
smooth bearing loads, even at misaligned positions.
Helical couplings find applications in petrochemical plants,
instrumentation, encoders, lead screws, ball screws, air
cooling units, pumps, machine tools, CNC machines,
duplicators, computer peripherals, wind power generators,
anywhere there is a need for managing motion.


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