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Heavy Duty Flat Wire Belts

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  • Heavy Duty Flat Wire Belts
Heavy Duty Flat Wire Belts Heavy Duty Flat Wire Belts
  • Boegger Industrial Limited has manufactured metal wire mesh conveyor belts for over 30 years and continue to improve and innovate mesh belts to satisfy client around the world. We are always providing the reliable […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Heavy duty flat wire belts has all the characteristics of standard duty belts except heavier cross rods and thicker flat strip. 1/2" wide × 0.062" thick flat strip and 6 gauge connector rod gives the belt about 2.5 times strength than the standard one. Hence, it's the choice for heavy duty conveying system.

Heavy duty flat wire belting for heavy-loading conveyor system.
HFWB-01: Heavy duty flat wire belt.
Product description:

Item: Heavy duty flat wire belts.
Flat strip: 1/2" wide × 0.062" thick, round edge.
Cross rod: 6 gauge, high tensile strength.
Material available:
Low carbon galvanized steel C1015.
C1050 high carbon steel.
T-304 stainless steel.
T-306 stainless steel.
Specifications: see the table below.
Features & Benefits:

2.5 times stronger than standard duty flat wire belt.
Straight-running belt.
High strength-to-weight ratio.
Positive-driving belt.
Welded button edge or clinched edge.
Flat carrying surface.
Easy to clean and to install.
Wide range of aperture configurations.
Very large open area.
Stainless steel heavy duty flat wire belt with welded edge.
HFWB-02: Heavy duty flat wire belt with welded edge.Stainless steel heavy duty flat wire belt with clinched edge.
HFWB-03: Heavy duty flat wire belt with clinched edge.
Typical Applications:

Food baking, cooling and freezing.
Chemical industry.
Specification for heavy duty flat wire belting
Item No. Mesh Flat strip Cross rod Edge finish Width
Min. Max.
inch inch
inch inch gauge
HFW01 1 × 1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Clinched selvage 10 192
HFW02 1/2 × 1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Clinched selvage 10 192
HFW03 1 × 1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Welded selvage 3 192
HFW04 1/2 × 1 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Welded selvage 4 192
HFW05 1/2 × 1 Modified 1/2 × .062 6 gauge Welded edge 6 192
NOTE: Please contact us when you need special specification other than the ones above.
Flat wire conveyor belt be packed in rolls with any length.
HFWB-04: Flat wire conveyor belt package.Positive driven flat wire belt is the popular choice for straight running conveyor.
HFWB-05: Flat wire belting conveyor.


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