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Hand made art chocolate gifts

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  • Hand made art chocolate gifts
Hand made art chocolate gifts Hand made art chocolate gifts Hand made art chocolate gifts
  • We’re a Hungarian export co-ordinating company working in this field with 29 years experience background. We represent many small or medium size producers’ ONLY GOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS all over the World.
    We have […]

 Country Of Origin: Hungary
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We're searching for importers for the most unique sweets in our range: made from the best quality Belgian chocolate products forming our every day used items under name: CHOCOTRICK.
I’m sure, if You will look at the products’ pictures, You also will wonder, that these are not real things, „only” made from chocolate! We hope, that You will feel the great opportunity and we could find sales possibility for them. Taking into consideration, that these are handmade items, we need time to prepare an order, so better to start with smaller quantities and grow up. Anyway the market of these items is not the mass market, the special, deli shops, hampers makers could value it with their customers.


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