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GW-501516 powder

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  • GW-501516 powder
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 Country Of Origin: China
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GW-501516 powder Quick Details:
Price with shipping: $170/10g $450/50g $650/100g $2150/500g $3800/1kg
Minimum Order Quantity: 10g
Synonym: 2-[2-methyl-4-[[4-methyl-2-[4-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]-1,3-thiazol-5-yl]methylsulfanyl]phenoxy]acetic acid; Endurobol
Application: A selective and potent PPARβ agonist
CAS Number: 317318-70-0
Purity: ≥97%
Molecular Weight: 453.50
Molecular Formula: C21H18F3NO3S2
Physical State: Solid
Solubility: Soluble in water (slightly), DMSO (50 mg/ml), DMF (25 mg/ml), 100% ethanol (<1mmol)), and methanol (50 mg/ml).
Storage: Store at 4° C
Melting Point: 134-136° C
Boiling Point: ~584.5° C at 760 mmHg (Predicted)

GW-501516 powderDescription:
GW501516 is the most selective and potent PPARβ (EC50=1.1nM) agonist that has been demonstrated to be 1,000-fold more selective in comparison to existing subtypes. Studies demonstrate that GW501516 can regulate expression of genes involved in lipid catabolism and energy uncoupling in skeletal muscle cells.

GW-501516 powderApplications:
Cardarine (GW-501516) binds to the PPAR receptor, specifically a group of nuclear receptors (sensors that detect thyroid and steroidal hormones in the body) that initiates the PGC-1a enzyme. This action leads to gene expression, specifically genes that revolve around energy expenditure.

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