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Grace Almond (Almond oil 500mg Capsules)

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  • Grace Almond (Almond oil 500mg Capsules)
  • Grace Drugs & Pharmaceuticals is the first company in India to introduce LIQUID FILLED TWO PIECE (Hard Gelatin / HPMC Vegetarian) Capsules. GRACE DRUGS & PHARMACEUTICALS inspite of having its own manufacturing […]

 Country Of Origin: India
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Grace Almond oil for the health 

Consuming almond oil is beneficial for digestive system. When used in aromatherapy it has calming and cleansing effects. Almond oil also releases pain. It is used as an effective painkiller. Following are some health benefits of almond oil.

  • Regular consumption of almond oil helps reduce cholesterol 
  • Nourishes the brain and nervous system 
  • Enhances intellectuality and endurance 
  • Application of almond oil provides relief to strained muscles

Almond oil helps fight obesity, diabetes.


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