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Gourmet Coffee Capsules

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  • Gourmet Coffee Capsules
  • Fast Trading is a Brazilian company focused on exporting the best of Brazil into the world.
    Through partnership with several suppliers, we can offer a wide range of high quality agricultural and food & beverage […]

 Country Of Origin: Brazil Certifications and Awards: UTZ Certified
Packaging: Cans with 10 capsules
Shelf Life: 12 months
Capsule System: * Compatible with the Nespresso system.
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Ouro de Makena *Nespresso Capsules Coffee provides a drink with delicate citrus acidity and long-lasting chocolaty flavor. This coffee is the result of a long process of research on the best way to extract espresso in capsules. Balanced, creamy and aromatic. Canned, it allows that all the flavors and sensorial attributes of coffee are not lost after the industrialization process, thus leaving an “impressive aroma and a lovely taste!“


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