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Gold Nanoparticles

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  • Gold Nanoparticles
  • Autus Lab was created to provide high quality nanomaterials at affordable prices. It aims to establish a portfolio of nano technology based materials to be sold in form of final products. Our special focus is on […]

 Minimum Order: 100  Milliliter/Milliliters
 Capacity: 10000  Liter/Liters per Month
 Delivery Time: Stock avail than a week
 Country Of Origin: India
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AUTUS LAB are making AUTUS-GOLD (Gold Nanoparticles)in wide range of different nano size like 20 nm, 40 nm, with 1, 2, 5 & 10 Optical Density. We are producing good quality colloidal gold on a large scale for industrial purpose at bulk price

Gold nanoparticles or Colloidal gold was being used in paintings by artists in ancient time due to the various colors produced by their interaction with visible light. But now a days, this optoelectrical property of colloidal gold is being used vastly such as conjugation of antibodies/antigen in biomedical field, electronic conductor, drug delivery etc. The color and electronic property of gold nanoparticles are depends on its shape and size.

Applications Area of AUTUS-GOLD :

1) Diagnostics - Gold nanoparticles are being used in conjugation of various antigens and antibodies in lateral flow assays

2) Therapy: Specific sizes of gold nanoparticles absorb the specific wavelength of infrared light and get heated to a certain temperature. Coating of these gold nanoparticles to infected cell can kill the tumour cells and patient could be cured without any side effect of drug dosages.

3) Probes: biological imaging applications and transmission electron microscopy.

4) Electronics – Printable inks for the chip design.


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