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G-20 Ecoprinter

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  • G-20 Ecoprinter
  • The main activity of our company is based on the research, development and marketing of innovative products in the corrugated cardboard sector (flexographic printing); a sector that requires solutions, […]

 Country Of Origin: Spain Certifications and Awards: Certificate of Exempts Certificate of Food apptitude
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In order to have a good printing quality we must take into account different factors: the influence of the support, the perfect maintenance of the press “giver,Anilox, Inking system”, ink and printing plates.

The inadequate maintenance of the internal circuit of the printer, Anilox and doctor Blade causes uncontrolled and unnecessary stops of the printer, impacting on the production and compelling long and costly intervention of the parties.

Thus, the need of introducing a proper preventive maintenance process to avoid those problems and being sustainable at the same time is essential.

 G-20 Ecoprinter is an specific product created to cover the needs of  preventive maintenance ,on the cleaning of the flexographic printers, taking in account the 4 independent factors that all the Newtec products offer to our customers to help they to become more sustainable and competitive:

 Functionality / Efficiency

  •  Reduce depuration costs (controlled foam, nom phosphates,non heavy metals).
  • Minimum amount of product and time of use (reduced inputs and energy) .
  • Adaptation of the process, according performance grade.
  • It works diluting, not descaling.

Health & Safety

  • It is not classified as dangerous (is harmless)as directed by:

                                   - Directive 67/548/EC
                                   - Directive 1999/45/EC
                                   - Regulation 1272/2008 GHS

  •  Comply with the FDA standard 21CFR 178.1010. This is the standard for testing of sanitizing solutions which may be safely used on food-processing equipment, utensils and on other food contacting articles (Food Aptitude Certificate)


  • Biodegradable (Certificate of Biodegrdability)
  • Discharge Control (Exempt Certificate)
  • No phospates and heavy metals
  • Reductionofthe water consumption (-68%)
  • Not hazardousby regulations
  • Reduction of the generated discharge


  • Non corrosive product. Important asit acts withinthe printing equipment.
  • Chemical compatibility: it does not show any factor than could damage any item of equipment (eg: chrome aniloxs...)
  • It protects from calcareous deposition and corrosion due to other products (inks, water..)

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