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Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish

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  • Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish
Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish Fresh sea food Tuna,Sword Fish and Reef Fish
  • Ocean Harvest is a sea food exporting company in sri lanka that supply the fresh fish for best price in the market

 Country Of Origin: Sri Lanka Certifications and Awards: HACCP,Friend of the sea
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Ocean Harvest, We are one of the leading fresh seafood export
company over 2 years in Sri Lanka. Our own more than 20 multy day vessels
are arriving day by day around main fishery harbours Trincomalee, Negombo,
Chilaw, Hambantota, Batticaloa, Dikkowita, Jaffna, Mannar  Dewvundara and
Kalpitiya in Sri Lanka. Our fishermans are well experienced and strengthful
for any kind of situation in at the Indian Ocean. They are well trained for
maintaining best hygienic practices and well maintaining HACCP standards in
on board. Just after catching they gill and gut the Tuna(*Thunnus albacores*
and *Thunnus obeisis*) and Sword fish(*Xipius gladius*) within few seconds.
Then put under the chilling holes maintaining under 0 - -4C. All the
fishermans are should face a medical health inspection before going to
fishing. All the vessels are check and prepare under HACCP standards and
carefully monitoring the temperature and insulation of the fishing halls
prior going to the sea. We have large amount of fish supply chain around
previously mentioned Sri Lanka’s largest fishery harbors. Our own loading
freezer trucks are continuously supply fishes to the processing factory
maintaining good hygienic and HACCP standards.

A part from that our small boats group continuously harvest reef fishes
like Red Snapper, Grouper, Parrot fish, Goat fish, Pinjalo and Mahi Mahi
under environmental friendly fishing methods. No need to any issue about
the disrupt or any trouble to the marine environment. Our Europe and
American customers have very good interest to buy our fish products because
of our quality and our best offer prices for them.

Our fishing area FAO 57 is the best place for Yellofin Tuna, Bigeye Tuna,
Sword fish and reef fish. The tropical hot water ocean currents are fully
enriched with nutrients. These currents are breaking down In our Sri Lankan
continential barrier. Our fishing area have more productivity of foods for
Tuna, Sword fish and other varieties. Sri lankan catching area is paradise
for fishes. Our waters are mating, spawning and nursery grounds for very
fresh fish. That’s the reason we can offer very fresh taste fish for our

Our processing factory seriously monitoring each Tuna fish and Mahi Mahi of
their Histamine concentration by using highly modified, sophisticated ELISA
methods. Our processing Histamine level should be under <10ppm. It’s very
strictly maintain our processing labs.

Our working team members are well motivated and experienced in fish
processing industry. All the persons who are involve in processing works
should face a medical check monthly wise. Fish cutters, Trimmers and
packaging members are done their duty very high standard level. Our
production is filled with these qualities and we all monitoring these
process under very good HACCP plan and the quality policy. We can Supply
you 5-7 Containers for the week I have attached our company profile and
HACCP plan please have look


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