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Foundry coke

in Coke Fuel, Type: sell

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  • Foundry coke
Foundry coke
  • We are one of the finest metcoke manufacturer situated on the west coast of India. We have a state of the art coke oven plant and current production capacity is 144,000 MTPA. We have a pan India presence and […]

 Country Of Origin: India Certifications and Awards: SGS, IGI, QSS etc
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Moisture - 5% max

Ash           - 12.5% max

VM           - 1.5% max

Sul           - 0.60 max

Phos       - 0.050 max

CSR        - 63 min

CRI         - 24 max

M10        - 10 max

M40       - 80 min


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