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Formestane prohormone Female Cancer Formestane

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  • Formestane prohormone Female Cancer Formestane
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 Country Of Origin: Antigua and Barbuda Certifications and Awards: Formestane prohormone Female Cancer Formestane
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Formestane prohormone Female Cancer Formestane
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Quick detail about Formestane :
CAS NO:566-48-3
Molecular weight:302.4126
Molecular formula:C19H26O3
Assay: 98% min.
Packing:Foil bag
Delivery: in 24 hours after payment.
Arrival:in 1 week after delivery
The min. order:10 grams.

More info about Formestane :
Formestane (Lentaron) is a type I, steroidal aromatase inhibitor. It is used in the treatment of estrogen-receptor positive breast cancer in post-menopausal women. It is available as an intramuscular depot injection.
Formestane is often used to suppress estrogen production from anabolic steroids or prohormones. It also acts as an active steroid which displays weak androgenic activity in addition to acting as a mild aromatase inhibitor.
Formestane has poor oral bioavailability and as such is no longer popular as many orally active aromatase inhibitors have been identified.
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