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FOLLIREX Hair restoration and nourishing therapy Includes Following Products:

HAIR REGROWTH SPRAY : Hair Follicle Stimulator Hair Growth Accelarator

 Prevents & Cure Hair Loss & Baldness           

FOLLIREX Hair Regrowth Spray is a potent time tested scientifically developed and clinically evaluated

Combination for hair regrowth, Prevents & Cure Hair Loss & Baldness. It has a definite molecular action on Mitosis (cell production) resulting activation of hair follicle resulting in acceleratED hair growth.

 It   stimulates normal hair follice growth. It increases the rate and onset of

 Mitosis (cell production) and the different ingredients   stimulate the function of different types of cells in the germinating matrix at the hair follicle and mediate the co-ordinating response.

 The Ingredients in  FOLLIREX HAIR REGROWTH SPRAY reduces the enzyme 5 alpha reductase . This enzyme is responsible for conversion Testosterone to DHT.

The mojority of effects of DHT is responsible for Hair loss in Humans and particularly in men.

Key Ingredients:                                                   

Ginseng Extracts : Invigorate and rejuvenate hair follicle    

Rosemary Extract: Invigorate and rejuvenate hair follicle  

China Rose Extract: Invigorate and rejuvenate hair follicle

Eclipta Alba : Invigorate and rejuvenate hair follicle 
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. China Rose  
Cuscuta reflexa Roxb                                                                                
Sophora flavescens



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