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  • Fmoc-Lys(Dnp)-OH
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 Country Of Origin: China
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Product name: Fmoc-Lys(Dnp)-OH 

Synonym: Nalpha-Fmoc-Nepsilon-Dnp-L-lysine, (S)-2-((((9H-Fluoren-9-yl)methoxy)carbonyl)amino)-6-((2,4-dinitrophenyl)amino)hexanoic acid,(2S)-6-(2,4-dinitroanilino)-2-(9H-fluoren-9-ylmethoxycarbonylamino)hexanoic acid,

Catalog #: 8141053

Purity: 97% by HPLC

CAS No.: 148083-64-1

Molecular Formula: C27H26N4O8

Molecular Weight: 534.52

Compound ID: 44593781

Description: 2-Aminobenzoic acid (Abz) and N-[2,4-dinitrophenyl] (Dnp) were used as FRET donor and acceptor groups, respectively.The internally quenched fluorogenic peptides containing the group Dnp incorporated to the ε-NH2 of a Lys residue were synthesized by the solid-phase methodology, using Fmoc-Lys(Dnp)-OH to introduce the quencher group.


Usage: For Scientific Research Use Only, Not for Human Use.



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