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Five-Layer Sintered Mesh

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  • Five-Layer Sintered Mesh
Five-Layer Sintered Mesh
  • What is sintered mesh?
    Sintered mesh is manufactured from one layer or multiple layers of woven wire meshes by a ”sintering” process. The single layer woven wire mesh is first roller flattened uniformly, to […]

 Country Of Origin: China
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Five-layer sintered mesh is a standard combination of five layers wire meshes with different openings and diameters through sintering (diffusion-bonding) in vacuum, which improves the characteristics of stainless steel woven wire mesh. By bonding the contact points of different wire meshes together, five-layer sintered mesh has become an integrated porous material with enhanced mechanical strength, high permeability and better structural integrity, because the sintering process remains the good filtration rating of the finest mesh layer, also the mechanical strength of the coarser support layers. Besides all of that, heat and pressure are combined to create molecular diffusion-welds at every intersection of the wire mesh where the wires cross over and under one-another, which in turn enhances the temperature and pressure resistance of the sintered mesh. For its distinct features, five-layer sintered mesh is widely used for diffusing, breather vents, filters in many areas such as gas distribution, polyester filtration, water treatment, etc.


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