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Finished injection Primobolone depot 50MG/ML Metholone enanthate 50mg per ml

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  • Finished injection Primobolone depot  50MG/ML Metholone enanthate 50mg per ml
  • Shenzhen Shijingu Technology Co.,Ltd ,specialise on raw hormone steroid powders and also supplying the fresh safe for ready to use injectable solution, which just need to filter at home, then can injectable […]

 Country Of Origin: China Certifications and Awards: contact info: Email skype ID: spencer.ku1 Whatsapp:86-18038192042
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Finished injection Primobolone depot  50MG/ML Metholone enanthate 50mg per ml buy anabolic steroid powder/  Metholone enanthate 50mg /Primobolone depot  50MG /Primobolone depot  50MG/Primobolone depot  50MG

email me or skype:Spencer.ku1

active ingredients: Metholone enanthate 50mg raw hormone steroid

inactive ingredients: pharmaceutical ba,bb, gso

They are sami finished injectable solution, added solvents like ba,bb, and gso, No matter the sovelnts or oil we used are pharmaceutical grade, which are the best for human body. so you no need to worry about its using. and buy our solutions, you just need to fiter them, then you can inject direcetly.

 contact info:
skype ID: spencer.ku1

Warmly reminding on filter process:

While warm the sami solutions into 20ºC, it is easy to filter smoothly and speed will be a little more fast.


while if you only have small amount solutions, you can just use the syring filter sizeing at 0.22um to filter them. 


whle if you buy bulk from us, i suggest to you use filter machine to filter, which will be more fast to filter and save your more time. we here can offer u small filter machine which can filter 1Liter a time for you in case of u have no idea on the filter machine.



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