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Filter Press

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  • Filter Press
  • Manufacturing premium Quality Perfume Making Machinery .
    These machines are widely used to bottling perfumes.

 Country Of Origin: India
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Reshama's Filter Press Sailent Features:

  • All contact parts S.S 316 quality with specially designed scavenger (assemblyplate) plate and safety valve.
  • Total filter unit with feeding pump (centrifugal) flameproof motor / push buttons.
  • Unit is mounted on a S.S trolley 7 & S.S.Covering.
  • 8’’ Dia x 8 Plates Horizontal (Sparkler) S.S. Round Filter Press.

Note :

Output Depends Upon Viscosity, PH, Nature of Solid, And Contetns Of Liquid.

Above Output Mentioned with 5 to 15 Micron Filter Pad PP Slurred In Water. Quantity of Activated Carbon is as Per 5KG/Cm.Sq. of Filtering Area. Filter Media Having Micron Size Of 5-15 micron

Filtering Area 0.254 M2
Cake Holding Capacity 5.66 Ltrs
Output(Ltrs/Hr) 600ltr/Hr
Thickness Of Shell 2 Mm Thick
Thickness Of Top Cover 2 Mm Thick
Thickness Of Bottom 6 Mm Thick
No. Of Plate 8 Nos
Height Of Plate 25 Mm
Thickness Of Plate 18 Swg
No. Of Screen & Thickness 9 Nos. Of 1.2 Mm Thick
Process Inlet ¾ - ½’’ Bsp
Process Outlet

½ ‘S.S 304l Centrifugal Pump Coupled Of 1.5 Hp 
2880 Rpm Spm Make Motor

Pump Mechanical Seal Tc V/S Tc Seal
Pump & Filter Gasket Silicon(Food Grade)
Pump Head 20 Mtrs.
Pump Pressure 2.3kg/Cm Sq.
Pressure Gauge 1/8 Bsp- Hightech Make (0 To 7 Kgs. Range)
Airvent Valve ¼ Bsp
Safety Valve ¼ Bsp
Drain Valve ½ Bsp
M.O.C S.S. 316
Finish Finish Polished To Mirror Finish.

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